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Dear Customers,


I introduce myself, Denis Boulay, President/CEO and Owner at Influence Sport. It is with a constantly renewed pleasure that I enter each new season of soccer.


In 2019, we decided to introduce a new way of serving you to enhance your shopping experience. Having played soccer myself all my life, I decided one day to open a new type of store in Quebec City. We became the only specialized soccer store in Quebec City.


We work very hard to offer you a different experience, we are also one of the few stores in Canada (the only one in Quebec) to have access to the most high-end shoes that are made by Nike and Adidas.


We are constantly growing, but I have always had the desire that our growth does not separate me from my customers. I always have the pleasure to meet you at the store. Our growth has been rewarded by Adidas Canada, who offered me a trip to England to see the Champions Cup final in 2017.




        Denis Champions League 2

  Denis at the Champions League Finale in 2017


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For me, Influence Sport is much more than a specialized soccer shop. We are a family and I consider our customers to be part of this family. It was for you that I embarked on this great adventure almost 10 years ago and it is for you that Celine and I are ready to work 7 days a week throughout the year.


Nothing makes me happier than seeing the satisfaction of our customers and it will remain our number one priority in the future. I make a point of staying close to our customers despite our growth.


I look forward to seeing you in the weeks or months to come. I wish you all the best in your favorite sport!